A DIY quadricopter

The journey of our DIY quadricopter

A DIY quadricopter

A simple project to build a custom quadricopter.


In this categorie we will see how we get instruction from the user


The next step is to configure the ESC

WARNING :  some ESC need a initialisation sequence. The throttle should remain low (PWM : 1000) during 2 seconds during startup


The control of the quadricopter is using a PID

Frequency 900 Hz

Project timeline

2017 : PCSI

November 2017

First research


May 2018

The quadcopter is built

2019 : PSI

March 2017

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January 2019

First successfult test

March 2019

First take off !!! Still some issues with the yaw axis to solve : Work in progress

2020 : Pause until summer

We are currently working on getting the yaw control working properly and in a reliable maner.
Currently, the quadricopter is a little bit instable

End ? 

A little more about this project

This project is in a early phase, still under heavy developpement. Stay tuned to future updates.